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Sister Stan's Children
"Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me." Matt. 25:40.

Email from Charles Krahn:

It's the dry season right now in Africa, which is all too apparent in the arid northern region of Ghana. Living here, you come to realize what a blessing snow is. How fortunate it is to have water stored high in the mountains to be used throughout the year.

In Sang, a village of farmers, no rain means no work. The only business in town is selling goods to the passengers of buses traveling from Tamale to Yendi. In short, Sang is not an ideal spot for an orphanage. It is far from the hospital and other amenities of Tamale. However, it was located here because this is where there is need.

In a place where life is difficult enough, having a child with a mental and physical disability is an unbearable hardship. In the last week alone, five more orphans have been taken in. Three, when their mother died. One when a priest from a nearby town rescued a girl with severe cerebral palsy from her parents who, after trying to take care of her for three years, were fed up and decided to kill her. And the last, a baby girl with a bullet lodged in her skull. At the hospital, they informed me that there was a tribal battle in which 30 men, women, and children from a small tribe of bushmen were massacred-including the girl's entire family.

With so many mouths to feed and limited space and resources, conditions at the orphanage seem desperate-almost hopeless. Nutrition is meager. Three children are currently in the hospital for malnutrition. Sanitation is also troubling. Without room to play inside, the children crawl around in the dirt among sheep, goats and chicken droppings.

Sister Stan and her children are remarkably resilient and their hope is evident. The support of donors through Sister Stan's Children, Inc brings encouragement. Knowing that Sister can get water, electricity, and shelter on her land brings hope. Also, it is evident that a modest amount of money can make a significant impact on the children's nutrition. Once these basic needs are met, effort can be directed at improving quality of life with education and play.

Know that your donations make a difference!